Robbery Alarms

Robbery Alarms are also known as hold-up, duress, ambush or emergency alarms. The system is usually activated by inconspicuous devices, such as a foot rail, money clip, or hidden button. Most systems are silent at the customer’s premises and most have communications capabilities to alert someone off site when the alarm is activated.

269 LatchingHoldupDualHoldupHoldup or Panic Button

A holdup or panic button is designed to generate an alarm signal by the manual activation of a device intended to signal a robbery, holdup or emergency in progress. Depressing the button closes or opens the circuit to indicate an alarm.

Foot railFoot Rails

Foot rails are floor mounted arched enclosures containing a switching device that operates when a person’s foot is slid along the floor under the arch to make contact with a pivoting bar.

Money ClipMoney Clips

Special type of switch used in hold -up alarms. It is placed in a cash drawer, with the bottom bill of a stack inserted in the switch. The alarm is activated by removing that bill.