Will Your Alarm Work On Your Phone Line

no-telephone A Note about POTS Sunset

The Federal Communication Commission is considering a request to end mandatory maintenance of plain old telephone service (POTS). State agencies are also being asked to end these requirements. 

What does this mean?

Many alarm systems communicate over customer’s existing telephone service.  Digital communicators were engineered in the 1960s, when 1200-2400 baud communications were standard.  As many phone companies have updated their lines and switches, these communicators have had an increasingly difficult time communicating from the customer to the central station.  Eliminating POTS altogether will necessitate a new form of communication for all of these legacy systems.

Many Have Dumped Landlines

Many end users have already dumped their POTS lines in lieu of a voice over internet protocol (VoIP) system, such as Vonage.  Some legacy alarm systems can communicate over some VoIP systems, some may not.  None of these legacy systems were engineered to communicate over a VoIP connection.

Check with Your Alarm Company

Before switching to a VoIP phone line, including those offered by local cable companies, NESA recommends that you contact your alarm company and see how this change may affect your current alarm system.  There is a possibility that you will need additional equipment for your alarm system to be able to communicate reliably.  Options include using a system that is designed to communicate over the internet.  You may also want to consider using a cellular communicator, sometimes called a GSM or GPRS system.

Link to trade publication for more information:  http://www.securitysystemsnews.com/article/pots-sunset-horizon

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